Fittings & accessories

Line pipe for the transportation of drinking water, industrial water and waste water

Lining and coating

We check from inside out.

The fittings are lined with cement mortar (Portland cement) as standard. The fitting end design can be selected in EN 10298, Appendix A. The lining is manually applied in accordance with Table I-III.

Butt-weld fittings or couplings can be field-coated with polyethylene corrosion protection tapes. We also supply fittings with a single-layer PE coating. This is applied as PE powder sintered onto the hot steel surface which has previously been sandblasted to SA 2.5.


The fittings are prepared for butt welding (end design to EN ISO 9692-1: beveled, 1.6 (±0.8) mm web height) or for a slip-welding joint to DIN 2460. They are made from seamless steel pipe to EN 10216 or longitudinally welded steel pipe to EN 10217 or EN 10224.Technical delivery conditions for fittings: DIN EN 10253-1/2.

Dimensions of weld-on fittings

Fitting TypeTechnische leveringsvoorwaardenVersies
Bend, elbowEN 10253-1/2Cement-mortar lining
TeeEN 10253-1/2Cement-mortar lining
ReducerEN 10253-1/2Cement-mortar lining

Other designs and fittings on request

Pipe-laying accessories

As a system supplier, we deliver pipes complete with all the materials required for pipe-laying right to your construction site.
Our supply range includes field coating materials as well as all the necessary tools and devices, e.g.:

  • Casting mortar
  • Sealing materials (slip-welding joint)
  • Angle grinder with an attachment for cutting back the cement mortar lining
  • Valves and fittings 
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